8. july 2014 at 22:54 | Barlie
So today I found out about myself that I am grunge. I did some "clever quiz" and my result was this. Actually, I was really surprised. Because if we go back in time (with TARDIS help) we have seen that I was totally different and nobody would guess that one day I will be grunge. Well, ♡actually I'm not completely grunge - I just listen Nirvana, wear ripped jeans, bands T-shirts and sneakers. I'm not some great example but maybe something of grunge I have.
Which is really cool! I think that I'll listen more grunge bands 'cause it seems like really good thing.
And I am glad for that I am not "scene" or "swag" or anything like this. I think that I am really pleased with result that I am this.
Only thing which I don't like about grunge is that it means "dirty." I don't wear dirty cloth. (mostly)
Another good thing about grunge is that is from 80's. 80's are cool 'cause from this years came a lot of my favourite bands - Green Day, U2, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Queen...
I hope it's to read.
What style do you prefer?
What do you think about grunge?

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1 Ela Ela | Web | 8. july 2014 at 23:00 | React

I think grunge is cool! I like a lot of bands from 80', but I don't wear dirty clothes So I'm not grunge, I guess :D.

2 Mais Mais | Web | 9. july 2014 at 22:35 | React

That's pretty amazinng :D I think there's no need to wear dirty clothes to be grunge, you can use DIY accessories, clothes, or some other smart things and be 'eco'. It's modest style and it's a bit similar with hippie style. I like it.
I prefer my own style - basic colours and comfortable clothes. I have also some band T-shirts, man size, so they're very comfortable...
(P.S. Sorry for my english, just trying... :D)

3 Rogue Rogue | Web | 10. july 2014 at 0:38 | React

Nirvana... :-)

4 Mais Mais | Web | 10. july 2014 at 13:58 | React

:) Pak to většinou nechám zmizet v matrixu, když se pěkně vyventiluju :D Myslím, že potlačování emocí nikam nevede, respektive akorát do začarovaného kruhu :D  Všechno záleží na povaze :)
A nemáš zač, komentuju, když mě něco zaujme ;)

5 LinDa☮ LinDa☮ | Web | 12. july 2014 at 15:46 | React

Hmmm, je to zaujímavý štýl. Aj keď to znamená "dirty", určite to také nie je :D
Ja teda uprednostňujem ešte to obdobie pred 80 rokmi, ale aj toto je fajn ;)

6 Uk 'sulové Uk 'sulové | Web | 15. july 2014 at 8:40 | React

Je to zhruba měsíc, kdy smečku Uk´sulů postihla nemoc, která napadla skoro celou smečku. Jejich Alfa však přežila a proto hledá nové členy do smečky, pro obnovení Uk´sulských tradic i genů. Neváhejte a pojďte zaplnit smečku a obnovit tradice.

7 cocainexheart cocainexheart | Web | 15. july 2014 at 14:56 | React

Awh, ty máš ráda Nirvanu? Jaká je tvá oblíbená písnička?

8 Em Zet Em Zet | Web | 19. july 2014 at 15:09 | React

What quiz was it? Do you have the link? :)
Well I don't really know what the grunge is. o.O You brought some new word to my vocabulary. But yet I still don't know what does that mean besides the fact it's some music style...?
My style. I guess I don't have a specific music style. I listen to everything. Classical music, than the music since 50's til 21. century and then the modern music, mainstream music. I like everything. Well not everything, but I like a lot of songs and a lot of different styles.

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