July 2014


8. july 2014 at 22:54 | Barlie
So today I found out about myself that I am grunge. I did some "clever quiz" and my result was this. Actually, I was really surprised. Because if we go back in time (with TARDIS help) we have seen that I was totally different and nobody would guess that one day I will be grunge. Well, ♡actually I'm not completely grunge - I just listen Nirvana, wear ripped jeans, bands T-shirts and sneakers. I'm not some great example but maybe something of grunge I have.
Which is really cool! I think that I'll listen more grunge bands 'cause it seems like really good thing.
And I am glad for that I am not "scene" or "swag" or anything like this. I think that I am really pleased with result that I am this.
Only thing which I don't like about grunge is that it means "dirty." I don't wear dirty cloth. (mostly)
Another good thing about grunge is that is from 80's. 80's are cool 'cause from this years came a lot of my favourite bands - Green Day, U2, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Queen...
I hope it's to read.
What style do you prefer?
What do you think about grunge?


7. july 2014 at 22:55 | Barlie
Okay, let's start.
I am not good at introducing myself so I am not also good at writing those "first articles."
I start write blog in english because it seems like a really good idea. But enligsh isn't my native language so it's kinda hard for me. I hope that you'll forgive my mistakes and maybe helps me (that would be really kind of you).
Another thing, my nickname - I join my name Bára with my favourite singer Billie Joe Amstrong from Green Day. Voilá Barlie! :D
I wanna write articles full of my thoughts and also reviews at books, movies, bands and more.
Well, I've a lot of ideas what about write right now but, I will keep it to the next article.
So welcome. And thank you for your visite. Hope you like it here. See ya!